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The heart of every GK product is the active 4 band “variable Q” equalizer and contour circuit that set the standard for bass tone shaping over 30 years ago. Browse through 55 Bass Preamps, including new, vintage, discontinued, top rated, and more. Click through to discover and learn more about Bass Preamps from. Shop Pro Audio Land for Bass Preamp Circuits to get the best deals, and with FREE shipping! Pro Audio Land stocks only the best brands to keep you up with. What is the best preamps for bass guitar? In our opinion, the EBS Microbass is one of the best bass preamps on the market. For a more budget friendly, simpler. Welcome to the selection of Double Bass Preamps at Upton Bass. Our experienced staff is happy to provide any assistance in your pursuit of excellent sound.

B FACTORY pedal is a Bass preamp with high impedance INPUT and XLR balanced output. Classic optical compressing sound, it preserves the original signal. Active Bass™ Preamp 3 Band for Passive We offer a high-headroom, low-noise, 3-band (STC-3P) active onboard EQ preamp for use with passive pickups. Each active. 3 Band Preamps for Bass Guitar - High-end Preamps from Bartolini, Nordstrand, EMG, Aguilar, Flexcore & John East ✓ Free US Shipping Expert Technical. AMT Bricks A-BASS - this device is based on the scheme of the legendary Alembic bass preamps line. Names used in this document are trademarks of their. The Trickfish Internal Pre Amp (IPA) is a high performance, low noise internal bass preamp system built upon two ideas – superior tonal flexibility and. Behringer BDI21 V-Tone Bass Driver DI Box · Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI (Version 2) · Jim Dunlop Bass Preamp · Ampeg SGT-DI Bass Preamp Pedal and DI · Caline. Fat Bass Tone provides players with an excellent IN STOCK selection of bass guitar parts: bass pickups, bass preamps, bass bridges, bass tuners and more. With an ideal feature set facilitating their great sound, these units have become popular with high end bass builders who love to install them as standard OEM. Product not available The Bass BB Preamp distortion booster was designed to retain the original attack sound and tonal spectrums and produce a variety of gain. The BETA-V is a Bass Preamp pedal that kicks! This latest incarnation of our top selling Beta Series is designed to capture the warmth and grit of favorite. Save money on Used Bass Preamps at Guitar Center. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. Buy online or at your local store today!

Active Bass™ Preamp 3 Band for Active We offer a high-headroom, low-noise, 3-band (STC-3A) active onboard EQ preamp for use with active pickups. Each active. All Pickups, Preamps and Mutes: ship in approximately weeks. ALL CARRIERS ARE EXPERIENCING DELAYS. NO GROUND OR EXPRESS SERVICE CAN BE GUARANTEED SO PLAN. Shop for the best selection and prices from top brands of Bass Preamp Pedals at That Pedal Shop. Our shop offers incredibly fast shipping, expert knowledge. Combining several Two notes preamps on your pedalboard makes things really interesting. Connected via Midi, each preamp will listen to the others. They can be. Best Bass Gear is proud to be able to offer you a wide array of onboard preamps for your EQ and tone shaping needs. Replacement preamp for Escape Mark II. Does not include piezo pickup or output jack. The BX1 Bass Preamp offers classic, natural bass tone with unprecedented tonal control and extended headroom. The BX1 begins with a boutique flat response. This is a no-brainer pedal with only Gain and Level controls. Simply plug your bass into BP1, trim the Gain and Level to fit your taste, and experience the mind. Hi! Most pedals are preamps in the sense they will boost your signal before reaching the preamp of your amp. But pedals advertised as preamps.

FeaturesThe CRIMSON RED BASS PREAMP was designed to reproduce the iconic old school 60s / 70s electric bass sound by giving the bottom end a boost at an. The MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio-quality Direct Out in a Phase sized box, providing clear tone without hogging precious. The ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI is an all analog bass preamp pedal with DI / bass direct box capabilities via its balanced XLR output with ground lift. Trace Elliot® Transit™ B Bass Pre-amp & Effects Pedal. The Trace ElliotTransit B pedal is a professional grade preamp for the discerning bassist. Built-in tools. The smallest and simplest bass preamps you'll find are the onboard models. These compact devices are made to fit comfortably inside the control cavity.

The Dungeon Master is the bass preamp with everything a bassist could desire. The pedal has always on JFET buffers to ensure maximum signal integrity and aide. BassPump is a powerful helper for passive bass guitars. BASSPUMP was been inpsired by well-known MXR® Bass Preamp™ pedal for bass signal modifiyng in live &.

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